Witness for the World

Those who have got God’s eternal covenant and the unfailing grace live the life of calling. We can’t settle our life if we have God’s eternal covenant and unfailing grace. We shall go to the place of calling when we meet the God of the Scriptures and the Lord of the covenant. Mission is not the measure of revival of the church but the reason for the existence of the church. As all children have mothers, no church exists without the God. Mission is not the activity but the essence of the church. SaRang Church considers mission as the spiritual heartbeat that testifies that the church is alive. She performs the integral mission mobilized with our existence and behaviors in cooperation and support through localization.

Representing Ethiopia Kale Heywet Church (EKHC), Chongwa Theological Seminary the first graduate level theological research institute in Chongqing, and Brazil Presbyterian Denomination which has been established for over 150 years, have received Discipleship Training at SaRang Church, and have received boost in church planting, pastoral training as well as lay leader development in various fields. The Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST), now renamed as UNION ministry promoted by SaRang Church for revitalization of European churches, is being developed as an exemplary mission model before global mission leadership.